Packing For Your Romantic Getaway

There are several things you’ll want to include when packing for your romantic vacation.  However, you also don’t want to go overboard and over pack.  Here are some tips for packing light and the necessary things you should bring with you to create the perfect romantic getaway.

Proper identification
You’ll always want to bring your driver’s license and health card along with your passport wherever you go.  For nights out, avoid bringing your passport for ID purposes.  You never want to lose that so it’s better to bring another option like your driver’s license instead.  Bring your health card just in case anything happens but leave that in the hotel with your passport.  Remember to always lock up your identification.  Most hotels have in room safes that you can lock up your valuables in.  Make good use of it.

Remember to bring your medication with you anywhere you go.  Just make sure that you have the right notes or prescription for any non over the counter medication.  If you have any serious illnesses, you should look into different styles of medic alert bracelet.  These universal medical identification bracelets may just save your life especially if you’re in a country where you can’t speak their language.

Music can turn any vacation into a romantic vacation.  Buy some slow music that remind you of romance.  Different people have different taste but some great examples of romantic music can be John Legend, Billie Holiday, and any classical music.  Turn on this music for when you want to relax.  If you have a spa day planned, this would be perfect for setting the mood.

Food and drinks
If you aren’t leaving the country and are just heading out of town for a romantic getaway, bring lots of food and drinks so you can save that extra money for other things.  Bring your own wine and champagne to enjoy in your private hotel room.  Another great idea is planning a picnic wherever you decide to go.  You can bring fruit, wine and cheese and create for yourself a romantic day out.


Many couples love watching romantic movies together.  Instead of purchasing expensive movies on TV in your hotel room, bring your own.  That way you can save money and also ensure that you’re watching the film you both agreed to ahead of time.  You can even spend a whole day watching romantic movies in your hotel room.  Spend that extra money on room service instead.

Bath supplies
A romantic getaway isn’t complete until you have the perfect bath.  What does that entail you ask?  A perfect bath consists of good music, candles, bubble bath, and a bath bomb!  You can add in essential oils for that perfect touch.  Just make sure that before you light any candles, you check with wherever you’re staying if it is allowed.

A romantic getaway doesn’t have to be hard to pack for.  You also don’t need to spend hours thinking of what to bring for a weekend vacation.  Just make sure you have the necessities like proper identification and medication.  If you have serious allergies, make sure you bring an allergy alert bracelet for safety.  Music, food, drinks, movies and bath supplies are just those extra items that will make your trip that much better.  Your partner will really appreciate all the meaningful things you’ve brought to make your trip more romantic.

Planning The Perfect Getaway

Do you want to surprise your significant other with a romantic getaway?  Or maybe you and your partner just need some time away from the kids.  Whatever the reason, there’s a perfect romantic getaway waiting just for you!  Before that happens, you just have to plan your trip.  Read along for tips on planning the perfect romantic vacation.

Pick a location
Before you even start planning your trip, you have to figure out where you want to go.  First, start with the location.  Your location should depend on budget and you and your partner’s preferences.  Do you want a secluded romantic weekend?  Pick a private secluded resort.  Are you looking for some sightseeing in a romantic city?  Go to Paris.  Depending on your preferences, how much time you have, and your budget, decide on a location first.

Romantic activities
One of the best things about going on a trip with just your partner is the romance.  Book a spa day for two or go on a hiking trail just the two of you.  Whatever you decide to do, spend time with just each other and relish in the moment.  Spending alone time with just your partner may ignite the spark that you forgot you had.  Some more leisure activities could be having breakfast in bed and spending the day watching romantic movies in bed.  Or if you’re in a cold location, bring a bottle of champagne and hit up the hot tub.


Surprise yourself
A really fun getaway could be surprising both your partner and yourself in the location you’re going to.  First decide if you want to go somewhere warm or cold.  Then pack your suitcase accordingly.  Once you get the airport, pick a location randomly.  Maybe you’ll take the next flight out or the fifth flight out.  Make sure the location goes with what you decided to pack.  Then just take the flight and enjoy your adventure getaway!  This is a great way to bring back the excitement for when you and your partner first met.  What’s more exciting than going on a mystery adventure and having to decide things together as you go?

Wherever your romantic getaway leads you, just remember to spend time in the moment with your loved one.  As long as you have each other, the location won’t matter.  In fact, you might not even notice where you went until you get back!