How to Get Your Dream Vacation : Five Bucket List Destinations

Traveling is a wonderful thing, you can experience new cultures, experiences, people and places. Though it is a wonderful it can be expensive. These are five popular bucket list destinations with the cheapest options to get there.

Machu Picchu :
Make time to explore Machu Picchu, the ancient “Lost City of the Incas” that was built atop a mountain range 7,972 feet above sea level. Only 2,500 visitors are allowed each day to visit this remote sacred sanctuary set atop grass terraces cut by nature along the mountain’s slope, so planning ahead of time is key. It’s cheaper to fly into Lima and then book a separate flight on to Cusco, which also gives you a chance to get acclimated and, if your schedule is flexible, affords the opportunity to time your travel to Machu Picchu for the best weather window. Check out flights on local airlines as they often offer better deals from Lima, even last minute, than you’d get by connecting Cusco on your ticket from the U.S. The last two weeks of August offer the lowest average airfare. Look for bargain buying windows in the last week of March and the last week of May.
macchu picchu

Hawaii :
Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, each of Hawaii’s six islands offers a unique beach experience. Try to time your visit for low season, which is mid-April to early June and September to mid-December. Choose your own adventure. But there are some great deals to be had for Hilo and Kona (both on the Big Island), as well as Honolulu.Hilo may be a particularly good option if you are looking to stretch your summer as some of the best fares of the year are for travel in October. For Kona, October is also promising. But for extra saving potential, travel in late April or early May. If a winter escape is on your mind, consider Honolulu. It’s the gateway to all of Hawaii, so you’ll have the most choice of flights, and average airfares from mid-January through early February are among the most affordable of the year.



Iceland :
It might take more than one trip to Iceland to chase the Northern Lights, which appear between September and April. Since the Northern Lights can only be seen at night, fill your days with adventures like exploring Thingvellir National Park or soaking in the Blue Lagoon. Travel in the second half of January for great deals and the potential of catching the northern lights. Look to score those January flights in the last two weeks of August. Tip: when you arrive on an early morning flight, pre-book a bus ticket that includes entry to the nearby Blue Lagoon to soak away jet lag.


Grand Canyon :
One of the most thrilling (and affordable) ways to take your breath away at the Grand Canyon is to walk the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that extends 70 feet past the canyon’s edge in Grand Canyon West, an area of the canyon that is on the Hualapai Native American Reservation. If you’re heading to the Grand Canyon West (home of the dramatic Skywalk), consider flying into Las Vegas. If you prefer to visit the South Rim (and seeing some great sights on the way), fly into Phoenix instead. find affordable flights by aiming to visit in late January or at the end of November or early December. Prefer to fly into Phoenix? Average airfares and temperatures are both optimal in late November/early December. For Vegas, look to book in late July or early August for flight deals in late January travel or in mid-September for travel in late November or early December. For Phoenix, book in mid-July for a visit right after Thanksgiving. If you miss that window, look to book in late August for an early December trip.
grand canyon

Rome :
You don’t have to walk far in Rome to find an excuse to stop and savor the flavors of Italy. The best airfares, on average, are during the first week of May so get ready for springtime in Italy. Make sure to start looking for the above deals in late January.